From Mark : "I am eternally grateful to the many people who have helped me achieve these 70+ interviews over the last 10 years. A million thanks to all the following people:

  • My wife Rachel, and children Carly and Adam for putting up with my passion and all the time it takes, and also my family: Mum, David, Chris, Andrew, Raoul, Sue, Gary, Jeff, Tony and Linda.

  • Arty Stephens at Gold FM who suggested I get involved with community radio.

  • The guys involved at 88.3 Southern FM here in Melbourne. Those who let me have my own show: Alex Hehr, Ray Lawerence and Melthoid. To the many peers who have been terrific friends and supports including: Greg Neighbour, Nick Black, Ted Kealy, Lindsay Crawford, John Kelly, Andrew Rennie and Ken Francis. Also to past and present station Presidents : Barry Iken, Bob Lawson and Jim Wright.

  • Jim Beatson, the Manager of Program Services at CBAA, which aired my interviews nationally for years. Jim is the person who constantly keeps 'raising the bar' to ensure that I try my very best to deliver a good interview from both a content and audio point of view. I think I'm getting there Jim, slowly but surely!

  • Gerald Mayhead, journalist extraordinaire and good friend, who taught me just about every interview technique I know.

  • My good friends who have supported me for so long: David Gillard, Michael Matthews, Ed Story, Anthony Barnes, David and Barbara Precel, Greg Coles, Morrie and Babs Lebenholc, Norm Black, Peter and Jac Landis, Sev Rodrigues, Tony Egan and many other friends.

  • My workmates at the National Australia Bank who have supported me & often tuned in. They include Peter Duncan, Mark Murphy, Paul Van Oorschot, Liam Harley, Mervyn Gin, Ron Feiler, Cathy Jones, Ali McRonald, David Coutts, Alex McLennan, Fiona Chircop, Glynne Ridgeway, John Duggin, KC Lee, Larry Hooton & Chang Ling.
  • The many artists that agreed to give up their time to do the interviews.

  • Richard Lush, for being such a good friend and constant support in helping me get Beatle related people interviews. With Richard's support, I'm sure I'll get that elusive Paul McCartney interview one day!
  • The many management, recording company and promotional people across the world who have setup these interviews.
  • The many local Melbourne listeners, from Caulfield through to Woodend and Werribbee, who tuned in and supported me.

  • All the terrific press people who got some of my interviews enormous amounts of coverage : The Herald Sun (many times via Bob Hart, who also guested regularly on my show), The Leader Newspaper (which published dozens of articles over the years) and ABC TV (which interviewed me for 'Nightline').

  • My good friend Steffan Weiss, who by dedicating many long hours and by using his expertise, created this amazing web site for me.

  • And last but not least, to the man who discovered and signed The Beatles and produced all their records (and dozens of other artists too), Sir George Martin, who was my very first interviewee. His assistant of 40 years gave me the ultimate challenge when I first requested an interview by telling me that it was highly unlikely, as 'he could scream the house down' when asked the 'same old boring questions about The Beatles'. I spent days typing up questions I thought he'd enjoy, faxed them - a week later I got the approval for our first interview.

    He went on to give me three long and fascinating interviews, which resulted in the Australian press, from Canberra to Adelaide, calling me and asking about some of the things we had discussed. Any young 'upstarts' should take many pages from Sir George's book on how to handle people. From day one he treated me as an equal (and I know I'm not anywhere near equal to him!!), was gracious, and through him doing my interviews, he opened so many doors for me. Meeting him in person in 1999 was the icing on the cake. Sir George is a living legend and I'm extremely grateful to him for all that he has done for me.