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LATEST NEWS as at 2nd August 2017

  • This news page has been dormant for a long time due to the sad passing of Mark's webmaster Steffan Weiss.

    It is now time to breathe new life into this strand of the web so please pop back every now and again to catch up with what Mark has been up to in the intervening years and what is being planned for the future.

  • Mark's first guest for 2014 ('live in the studio’) on 88.3 Southern FM, on Wednesday January 22nd 8-10pm is Australian singer, composer, record producer, disc jockey, television producer and host, Johnny Young. Some of the topics they willl talk about include : - Johnny’s upcoming national concert tour with Colleen Hewett & Normie Rowe - some of Johnny’s past hits (Step Back, Caralyn etc.) - his 19 years hosting his TV show Young Talent Time - some of the hits he has written for other artists (The Real Thing, The Girl That I Love, The Star etc)

  • On November 4th, Mark had ‘live in the studio’ two Australian entertainment legends, Glenn Shorrock and Brian Cadd, who came in to talk about : their new collaborative cd ‘The Story Of Sharky and The Caddman’, their upcoming tours and about some of their past classic songs ranging from recordings by The Twilights, The Groop through to The Little River Band.

    Mark's upcoming interview is with Melanie Safka. Melanie will be phoning in from America to talk about her new studio album, Ever Since You Never Heard Of Me. They will also be talking about some of her past worldwide hits.

  • Three new ‘live in the studio’ podcasts have just been loaded into the 88.3 Southern FM website ( These podcasts are interviews, including music with :

    (1) Media personality Derryn Hinch.
    Derryn came in to talk about some of his all-time favourite songs, as well as his amazing career, which has included journalism (radio, TV, books, newspapers), stage and film. Duration : 2 hours 18 minutes (3 hours including appended music)
    Link :

    (2) Local singer songwriter and successful businessman Dennis Earl who recently founded the International Children’s Music Fund. The fund was set-up to provide underprivileged children with the opportunity of receiving a two-year scholarship in music tuition.
    Link : Duration : 1 hour 3 minutes

    (3) local singer & songwriter Jacob Butler who came in to talk about his new CD ‘Reason’. Jacob has secured multiple licensing deals throughout Europe, as well as landing a licensing deal in South Africa and international content deal with Billabong and Sony Mobile.
    Link : Duration : 1 hour

    Mark’s next guest will be American singer Melanie Safka who had many international hits including : Lay Down, What Have They Done To My Song Ma, Brand New Key, etc. That is expected to be in late October, early November,

  • My 'live in the studio interview’ with iconic Australian entertainer Colleen Hewett is now available. We talk about Colleen’s work on the stage (Godspell, Pippin, The Boys From Oz, etc), movies (The Cup) and TV dramas (Prisoner, Homicide, Matlock Police, etc),  many of which had an international release. This interview focuses on Colleen’s incredibly successful musical career, which includes her gold records for “Day By Day”, “Dreaming My Dreams With You” and “Wind beneath My Wings”.

    Colleen also talks about working with Hugh Jackman, John Farnham, her two Queen Of Pop awards, the (then) upcoming Go Show Gold concert that she performed earlier this month alongside her old music buddies, including Normie Rowe, Glenn Shorrock, and Johnny Young, Brian Cadd.
    The podcast is at
    Colleen’s official Facebook page is at : htpps://!/ColleenHewettOfficial
    I have just recorded a 2 hour 'live in the studio' interview with Derryn Hinch & hope to have the podcast loaded by the end of this week.

    BTW - some of my other interview podcasts available at include : Russell Morris, Normie Rowe, Micky Dolenz, Paul Anka, David Essex, Darryl Braithwaite, Eric Burdon & Gene McDaniels.

  • ·On Sunday, 14th July, Mark was interviewed (by phone) by Rolls and Chris on radio station 2WCR FM, Coonabarabran, New South Wales. They asked about Ringo Starr's career and asked Mark to discuss the other 3 Beatles, in future programmes a month apart. Mark is happy to oblige!

  • On Wednesday 31st July,  Mark will interview  iconic Australian singer and actress, Colleen Hewett ‘live in the studio’. Their interview will focus on Colleen’s incredibly successful musical career, which includes her gold records for "Day by Day", "Dreaming My Dreams With You" and "Wind Beneath My Wings”.
    They will also talk about Colleens’ work :
    -      on the stage (Godspell, Pippin, The Boys From Oz, etc.), movies (The Cup) and TV dramas (Prisoner  HomicideMatlock Police etc.)\
    -      with Hugh Jackman and  John Farnham
    -      on her two Queen Of Pop awards,
    -     on the upcoming Go Show Gold concert that she will perform in August alongside her old music buddies, including Normie Rowe, Glenn Shorrock, Johnny Young, Brian Cadd and others, and
    -     her new challenge, working on the ‘speaker circuit’

    Colleen’s official Facebook page is at :!/ColleenHewettOfficial

  • On Wednesday 29th May, Mark did a short interview with media personality Derryn Hinch. They talked about their upcoming ‘live in the studio’ interview, when they will talk about Derryn’s favourite 20 top songs of all time. A date is yet to be confirmed for this interview

  • During March,  Mark interviewed British  singer Eric Burdon about his new cd, ‘’Til Your River Runs Dry”.
    THey also talked about The Animals 50th anniversary, reminiscing about some of their classic tracks including ; The House Of The Rising Sun, we Gotta Get Out Of This Place, Sky Pilot and Spill The Wine.

    Eric’s official website is at

  • On Wednesday 14th November 2012, Mark had iconic Aussie singer and songwriter Normie Rowe ‘live in the studio’ on Purple Haze. They talked about Normie’s  upcoming stage show ’Normie The Musical’, which charted the highly successful 1960’s experience of Australia’s first ‘King Of Pop’, Normie Rowe.
    Normie also talked about :
    -          some of his classic hits, which includes : It Ain’t Necessarily So, Que Sera Sera, Shakin’ All Over, Ooh La La and It’s Not Easy, amongst others,
    -          his AM (Order Of Australia) award for his long time contributions to the Australian music industry.
    Normie’s official website is at

  • 7th November, 2012: Yesterday I loaded up 2 new Podcasts I recently recorded :

    (1) Russell Morris ‘live in the studio’ at
  • Iconic Australian iconic singer and songwriter Russell Morris was Mark Copolov ’s special guest ‘live in the studio’ on Wednesday October 31st for Mark’s version of ‘Purple Haze’.
    In this podcast, an edited version of that show, Russell talks about his new cd ‘Sharkmouth’, a project inspired by Australian gangsters and some Aussie legends from the 1920/30s era. Russell wrote or co-wrote every track.
    Russell also talked about his contribution to the ’Long Way To The Top’ CD and DVD set, as well as some of his classic hits from his double CD set ‘The Real Thing’ which includes ‘The Real Thing’, ‘The Wings Of An Eagle’ and ‘Hot Love’ to name a few. Russell brought in his acoustic guitar and played some songs ‘live’.
    During his long and incredibly successful career, Russell has achieved 5 Top 10 hits and in 2008 was inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame for his wonderful contribution to the Australian music industry.

    Russell’s official website is

    (2) ‘Live In The Studio # 2 – local acts’ at
    In this podcast, Mark, on ‘Purple Haze’, has 5 local acts as his guests : Serendipity, Rudely Interrupted, The Siren Tower, These Four Walls and Pludo.

    Both podcast sites have a 'Play' options, as well as a download option.

  • On Wednesday 31st October, 8-10pm on 88.3 Southern FM, Mark will have on his 'Purple Haze' show, 'live in the studio', Australian iconic singer/songwriter Russell Morris. Russel will talk about his new cd 'Sharkmouth', his appearance in the Long Way To The Top cd and dvds, as well as some of his past hits, including The Real Thing, Wings Of An Eagle, Sweet Sweet Love, Rachel and more.
  • From Mark: I’ve just loaded my new podcast in which I interview ABC radio presenter Derek Guille. Derek worked as a highly respected radio presenter for the ABC for 28 years. He most recently presented the Evenings program on 774 ABC Melbourne and ABC Victoria. We talk about and spin some of Derek’s favourite songs from the 60s.

    We also talk about Derek’s amazing career and how he interviewed people ranging from kd lang through to Desmond Tutu.

    Here’s the link :
  • Mark has loaded some more of his Podcasts onto the 88.3 Southern FM website ( These include a 2.5-hour 'Live In The Studio' session, where eight different acts came into the studio and performed 'live'.

    The acts were :
    - Rubber Soul - The Beatle Show
    - Tricking Emma
    - Jaron Natoli
    - Inc3do
    - Radio Vertigo
    - Chris Doheny
    - Acustica
    - Gooyfooter

    Mark will soon be loading an upcoming interview/podcast he is doing soon with Derek Guille, a former presenter on ABC radio for many years with his show 'Evenings With Derek Guille'. Derek had Mark on his show several times, talking about The Beatles.
  • On Wednesday 30th May, 8-10pm on 'Purple Haze' 88.3 Southern FM, Mark will interview British artist David Essex OBE about his extensive singing and songwriting career, as well as David's stage, movie and TV appearances. Since the 1970s, David has attained nineteen Top 40 singles in the UK (including two number ones), and sixteen Top 40 albums
  • As a tribute to the late Davy Jones, Mark has loaded their 1999 interview onto the 88.3 Southern FM Podcast pages - Refer to or simply click here
  • On February 29th Mark interviewed Andy Timmons, a top American session guitarist about his new release 'The Andy Timmons Band plays Sgt. Pepper'. Their interview is on the 88.3 Southern FM Podcast site at - or simply click here.
  • Watch for these new inteviews about to be added on the site:
  • Name Surname Detail Group Interview Date
    Paul Anka Singer/composer Solo artiste December 2011
    Andy Timmons Guitarist Danger Danger February 2012
    Daryl Braithwaite Lead singer/composer Sherbet and solo August 2010

    On Wednesday, 29th February, 8-10pm on ‘Purple Haze’ on 88.3 Southern FM, Mark will interview top American session guitarist Andy Timmons. They will talk about Andy’s new cd, ‘The Andy Timmons Band Plays Sgt Pepper’, which is an instrumental version of the classic Beatle’s album. Andy has worked with great artists ranging from The Beach Boys and ONJ through to Paul Stanly, Stevie Vai, Joe Satriani and Paula Abdul.

  • On Friday January 6th 4-6pm, Mark will broadcast on 88.3 Southern FM his interview with recording star Paul Anka. They will talk about Pauls' new CD 'Songs Of December', as well as talk about some of Paul's past hits, which include Diana, You're Having My Baby and Lonely Boy. They will also talk about songs that Paul wrote but were recorded by other artists. These include : My Way (Frank Sinatra), This Is It(Michael Jackson) and She's A Lady (Tom Jones)
  • On Wednesday November 30th, 8-10pm on 'Purple Haze', 88.3 Southern FM, Mark will interview Connie Francis, one of the world's biggest selling female artists of all time. They will talk about the many million sellers Connie has had, which include 'Who's Sorry Now', 'Stupid Cupid' and 'Everybody's Somebody's Fool'. They will also talk about Connie's friendships with Bobby Darin, Dean Martin and others.
  • On Wednesday 28th October on Purple Haze, 8-10pm, Mark will interview EMI project manager Mike Heatley, who was co-responsible for the recent 9.9.09 release of the Beatle's entire song catalogue which was digitally re-mastered into mono and stereo box sets. This will be an 'in-depth' interview and includes discussions about 'mono vs stereo', 'why the packaging differs across the mono and box sets', 'how long did the project take', 'who was involved', 'why was it conceived in the first place', etc.
  • On September the 9th Mark, along with his old 'Beatle nut' friend Ed Story, was interviewed for the national Channel 7 TV news to talk about the remastered Beatle's catalogue. CLICK HERE for the vision of this interview (courtesy of YouTube).
  • Mark returned as a guest on Derek Guille's radio show "evenings with Derek Guille" on ABC local radio (774 AM) in Melbourne at 9apm on Wednesday 9th September 2009. Mark was invited as the "Beatles guru" to talk about the world-wide release of the entrie Beatles re-mastered catalogue on CD.
  • Mark recorded his interview with the founder, leader, songwriter and performer from The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson about his new cd 'That Lucky Old Sun' on Wednesday April 29th. The sessiuon also included an interview with Leo Sayer. This combined broadcast with Brian Wilson and Leo Sayer is now available on the 88.3 Southern FM Podcast Page - refer to  The Leo Sayer interview starts just after half way through Part 2.
  • It is with deep sadness that Mark reports that Jim Wright, the President of 88.3 Southern FM has passed away. Jim was an inspiration to everyone at 88.3 and his support, leadership and tireless effort will be greatly missed.
  • On Wednesday, 16th February 2009, the first show of 2009, Mark did the following:
    • Interviewing Gary Puckett from the Union Gap (Young Girl, Woman Woman,Lady Willpower etc.) about his upcoming tour to Oz., his big hits and about his solo cds. Refer to
    • Interviewing Dom Byrne from local band Little Red about their success (so far!) and their cd 'Listen To Little Red'.
    • Spinning some new releases.
  • If you'd like to hear it 'live to air', go to and click on the appropriate button under 'Live Stream' in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  • On Wednesday, 17th. December, 8-10pm on 88.3 Southern FM, Mark will be interviewing Dominic Byrne from local band 'Little Red' about their new cd 'Listen To Little Red', as well as spinning other new cds
    As you heard when you entered this site, Mark has spoken with Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys and he hopes to soon secure an interview with Brian about his new cd 'That Luck Old Sun'. Stay tuned for details...
  • On Wednesday July 30th, 8- 10pm on 'Purple Haze' Mark will interviewed Australian legend Normie Rowe about his new double cd, "Normie Rowe..Necessarily So..The Definitive Collection".
  • On Wednesday July 2nd, 8 - 10pm on 'Purple Haze', 88.3 Southern FM, Melbourne,Mark presented a two hour 'special' - his interview (including music) with music star Leo Sayer talking about his new studio cd "Don't Wait Until Tomorrow".
  • On Wednesday, April 30th, 8 -10pm on 'Purple Haze', 88.3 Southern FM, Mark featured Carly Simon's new studio cd "This Kind Of Love" as well as Cheryl Crow's new studio CD "Detours". Mark also interviewed his good friend, Richard Lush, about his involvement in the new DVD "Classic albums : John Lennon, Plastic Ono Band" .