The following are testimonials from some people that were interviewed by Mark
on 88.3 Southern FM (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), and include some extracts from Mark's Guestbook

Sir George Martin
“...do you know I hadn't noticed that (re Ob-La-Di-La-Da). You're obviously paying much more attention than I was”
“...I think you covered it (the interview) very well indeed as you always do”

Richard Lush (was involved in 70 Beatles sessions, as a second sound engineer at Abbey Road studios).
“...There isn't much that Mark doesn't know about The Beatles
“At last your years of hard work are there for the world to see and hear.
Congratulations Mark I wish you all the best. Cheers Richard”

Robert Whittaker (Beatles' photographer)
“...I'm much obliged to you Mark, those were some of the most interesting questions that have been asked of me yet”

Carly Simon
...I guess you know more about me than I even remember (re You're So Vain)”
...I'd love to Mark (have another interview) and I'd love to have it in person”

Neil Sedaka
“...oh my, how did you know that (about Oh Carol)”
“...well Mark it was a pleasure talking to you and I'm just knocked out about how much information you know about the career”

Phil Everly/Everly Brothers
“...I'd like to chat again because I enjoyed it so much this time

Robbie Krieger/The Doors guitarist and song writer
“...I'm glad you noticed that (about how The Doors 'secret' was to cover both the FM & AM market). I've never heard anybody mention that fact”
“...it was a good interview”

Alvin Lee/Ten Years After
...I really enjoyed (the interview)”
...very intriguing questions, thanks a lot Mark”

Mike Stoller (wrote most of Elvis's early hits)
“...Thank you very much Mark and it was nice to talk with you again”

Mark Hudson (Ringo Starr's producer)
“...we should do this again”

Jim Beatson (Program Services Manager of CBAA which has been airing Mark's interviews nationally for 10 years)
"Good on you Mark. The passion you have for an artist 's works usually seduces them into enjoying participating in an interview, which they might otherwise regard as just a chore."

Jim Wright (88.3 Southern FM President)
"Great website. We love having you as part of 88.3 Southern FM. Your passion for music is evident to all who listen to your interviews. Keep up the good work."

Lindsay Crawford (fellow 88.3 Southern FM presenter)
"Excellent site Mark. Your work at the station is an inspiration to us all.
The personal flavour of your interviews gives them in-depth warmth. It's great to be associated with the same program